International Contests Laureate
National Ensemble of Dance

* * *
Choreographic ensemble «Verbychen’ka» was founded in 1983 attached to the Palace «Stroitel» («Builder»).
Galina M. Bedukha is the founder and the art director of the ensemble, O.V/ Matveeva and N.P. Bibik are musical accompanists.
At present there are about 100 participants in this ensemble. Great attention is paid to the ensemble training groups where the whole system of studying is systematic and versatile.
* * *
Various and wide repertoire allows to the collective being on one of the new stages of intensive creative search. Great respect to folklore, sensitive acception of today’s life, good taste and tact are required from the artist and their director.
About 30 dances, compositions and choreographic illustrations created on the dance vocabulary of Tavriyskiy Region and also classical staging and dances of different nations are included into the ensemble repertoire.
* * *
Intensive rhythm of work and studies in combination with repetitions and performances before audience teaches the ensemble participants not only to stage and be self disciplined but polishes the most important features of the character to be industrious, purposeful and responsible. Professional skills are improving day by day: dance technique, stage charm, art of reincarnation.
July, the 5th, 1994 National Amateur Ensemble «Verbychen’ka» was awarded the honorary title for considerable contribution, enrichment and propaganda of national spiritual culture, high creative achievement and effective work in aesthetic education of workers.
The ensemble develops active concert work in Ukraine as well as abroad. It toured and took part in international festivals: in Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Chernogoria, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Scandinavian countries Russia and Belorus.
Today girlish ensemble «Verbychen’ka» is distinguished with its tenderness, grace of folk, classical and variety compositions and can be rightfully called the sample of creative thought.